15 Questions Answered About The Most Important Camera Settings

Top 10 Camera Settings

How To Eliminate Underexposed, Overexposed And Out Of Focus Images By Learning To Use These Camera Settings

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably never read your entire camera manual back to back. I personally took some video courses on how to use one of my camera bodies because my attempts to read my camera manual put me to sleep.



Can’t watch it with my WiFi, but sounds interesting Larry Kling, Chris Sims, Gary Welch. Although, why would I need to watch it when the only dial on the Nikon is the Perfection dial, level 1, 2, or 3….

Take no notice of them David Chilton my Sony has 3 settings to.
1-3 with 1 being the best and has the letter S for Sony beside it. 2 has a C which is 2nd rate and stands for Cannon and last the crap one is N for Nikon

Ah but consider the distance factor. Most 105mm (or equivalent) have a minimum focal distance of around 18-24″ even on macro so unless the photo itself is staged then the macro setting would not be employed. So I still say its a telephoto – for arguments sake. However you may be correct given the DoF in the photo.I’m just being a smart ass is all.

Minimum Focus Distance on a Canon 100mm Macro’s is 12″. Even the Sigmas and other knock offs are about the same. Where are you getting 18-24″ from? Do you macro? And I use my Macro’s that close all the time.

And technically, telephoto is anything longer than standard. So an 85mm would be a telephoto.

The girl in the pic taking an up close shot of some mushrooms, still looks like she is using a good size 50mm lens. My 50mm 1.2L looks like the same size.

She might be able to afford the right glass for the job. I’d love to own a macro lens, but have learned, through reading, that a zoom lens is a really good substitute. My floral photos have validated that opinion.

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