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How To Get A Perfect Exposure In Every Lighting Situation

Have you noticed when sometimes the black subjects you’re trying to photograph turn out grey in the photo? Or are you getting overexposed and/or underexposed images? This is because your camera has failed trying to estimate the correct exposure for your shot. Teach your camera new tricks with the help of this cheat sheet.



Would be nice if this was formatted so that you could print on 8.5 x 11 paper. These tips are great but we don’t carry our computers when we are out shooting.

Sounds like a lot of work. Why not just bracket your shots? (My camera has an auto-bracket function, makes it easy.) To play it safe, under expose by 2 and 1 stops, then “normal,” and then over expose by one and two stops. One of those five will be good. (It’s not like you’re wasting film, like it was 20 years ago.)

If I had to wade through all these steps each time I took a shot and weigh the pros and cons of exposure I’d never get anything shot. Capturing the moment is doing it doing it within the next maybe 1 minute not by the next snow fall. Learning all this and committing it to memory isn’t going to be that easy either. Shoot the shot and the scale back the shadows or adjust the highlights in post. If you taking pictures that are that severely over or under exposed, you might consider going back to your cell phone

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