SPLASH! Easy To Follow Photography Tutorial For Beginners

SPLASH! Easy To Follow Tutorial For Beginners

This is a fun project for a sunny summer day that you can do together with your friends or family.

Or if you want to take it more seriously, there is a market for splash photos out there. Just look around and you’ll find food blogs, coffee shops and a bunch of other businesses using them all the time. Bonus tip: use food coloring drops for colorful milk swirls!

Set Up

Use one poster board on the ground to set the container on, with one directly behind it acting as a backdrop, alternating between black and white depending on the shot.

Play around. It’s not always necessary to have a black or white backdrop and your environment can add interesting context.

Fill Your Container

Place your container on top of the poster board on the ground, in front of the backdrop you just set up, and pour in your liquid of choice until it is filled to the absolute top.

Adjust Your Camera Settings and Focus

Place your camera in Shutter Priority or Manual mode, and for best results, try to stay around 1/1000 second.

Have a pal hold their finger over the spot where they intend to drop the object and focus on it, then switch to manual focus, so it won’t readjust mid-shot. This will help maintain that same focus when the splash happens.

Get Messy

Maintain your focus, have your friend hold the object over the liquid-filled container so it is out of your frame, count down from three and hit the shutter (burst mode all day).

The most interesting shots usually happen in the brief moment when the object hits the liquid and breaks the surface, so try to capture more shots on the front end of the drop.

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