Big Lenses Side By Side- Sigma 150-600 Sport- Tamron 150-600- Canon 100-400 II-Canon 400 f5.6

Battle Of The Big Lenses

Also, let me say these are all good lenses period. The point of this video is to see side by side which is ultimately the best

Tony and Chelsea Northrup are a couple of my favorites when it comes to reviewing gear. The nice thing is they don’t play favorites. A lot of the reviews you see on here are done by people who have purchased the gear already so their opinion may be biased because they WANT their gear to be better.


my buddy, a bird/wildlife photographer, just rented the Nikon version of the Tamron 150-600 and took it on a trip to South Texas for a birding trip.. overall he said he was not impressed and that the lens/images lacked sharpness. He shoot a Nikon D7100. I’m a Canon shooter.. and want a lens in this group/range.. but after hearing his experience.. i might just stick with the C400/5.6 or C100-400

At the end of the day it all comes down to price! Get the best you can afford! My budget doesn’t extend to any of them at the minute, so I have to keep on dreaming!

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