Big Lenses Side By Side- Sigma 150-600 Sport- Tamron 150-600- Canon 100-400 II-Canon 400 f5.6

Battle Of The Big Lenses

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This is an incredibly thorough video review of these 4 lenses. If you’re thinking of buying a big lens I highly recommend seeing this side by side comparison of these awesome pieces of glass. All of these lenses are well suited for wildlife and/or sports photography.

If you’re focusing on these areas of photography I’m sure you have already seen reviews of these individual lenses. But no matter what kind of tests the reviewers have put these through, you can never tell the differences until you actually see them compared to each other.



Do you already own one or several of these lenses? Our readers would love to hear your personal opinions on their image quality.


my buddy, a bird/wildlife photographer, just rented the Nikon version of the Tamron 150-600 and took it on a trip to South Texas for a birding trip.. overall he said he was not impressed and that the lens/images lacked sharpness. He shoot a Nikon D7100. I’m a Canon shooter.. and want a lens in this group/range.. but after hearing his experience.. i might just stick with the C400/5.6 or C100-400

At the end of the day it all comes down to price! Get the best you can afford! My budget doesn’t extend to any of them at the minute, so I have to keep on dreaming!

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