How To Photograph Couples – 21 Posing Tips

How To Photograph Couples - 21 Posing Tips

[FREE CHEAT SHEET] How To Pose Couples For A Natural And Relaxed Look

It’s funny about photographing couples; some of them feel very comfortable holding each other and kissing in front of the camera.

Others are shy and don’t like showing affection in public – even if it’s inside a private studio. And that’s ok, because no-one should be forced to do anything they’re not comfortable with.

So as a photographer you have to be able to read your clients and help them feel more relaxed when they’re having their photos taken. Knowing a few basic poses will help you a lot.

Having some examples of poses at hand is a great way to get started with your photoshoot. You don’t have to follow any of them exactly, but they will work as a good starting point and you can adjust them as you go.


You can save the following cheat sheet on your laptop or even smartphone, so you’ll have it with you the next time you have a photoshoot.

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