Make Your Own Professional Ice Light For Only $30

Make Your Own Professional Ice Light For Only $30

The light was actually designed by Jerry Ghionis.

In case you haven’t heard of him Jerry Ghionis is a world renowned photographer and teacher/lecturer. I posted a video of one of his classes here on the site Use Any Type Of Light To Make The Most Of Any Location. If you haven’t had a chance to take one of his classes I highly recommend it. Jerry is one of my favorite teachers. It’ll give you some great ideas on how to use this light.

Here is a demo video of the finished DIY project created by Justin Barr. Check out the list of parts used below the video.

Here is the parts list


Defiant 700 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight from Home Depot ($19.88 Model #: HD14Q406)
24″ PVC pipe, 1.5″ Diameter (~$3)
1.5″ PVC Coupler (~$1)
1.5″ PVC Cap (~$1)
48″ Fluorescent Bulb shield (Slides over a fluorescent bulb to prevent it from shattering) (~$3.50)
Small piece of aluminum foil. (Had it in the house, because we’re civilized)

You can get the directions on how to put it all together over at DIY Photography

Source: DIY Photography


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