How To Make People Look Natural, Relaxed And Confident In Front Of Your Lens With 2 Simple Questions


The secret is to ask questions that turn our clients focus on to their turning point in life so we can reframe their thinking

We can actually take them to a different emotional state. So here are the two questions that I gleaned from the video that I’m using in my photography now.

  1. What do you think was the biggest turning point in your life?
  2. Please finish the statement- I am a person who…..

Be a good listener. Listen to their answers then ask some questions. Take a few shots before doing this then take a few shots after and, I’m sure you’ll see a remarkable difference. Here’s the video which I personally think is amazing.


Unfortunately a lot of photographers fail to understand the meaning of developing a “relationship” with the person they are shooting. The article is short, concise and provides a very good supporting video which I believe you should watch.

Pretty much, any type of question will achieve the same result. The goal is to distract the subject from being conscious that they are about to have their picture taken.

There are 4 types of people behind the camera…shouldn’t that be ‘in front’ of the camera because as the photographer, I’m behind it.

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