How To Get The Right Exposure AND Perfect Color When You’re Unsure Of What Camera Settings To Use

How To Get The Right Exposure AND Perfect Color When You're Unsure Of What Camera Settings To Use

You Don’t Have To Bend Over Backwards To Create Astonishing Images – Just Use This Setting

Sometimes even professional photographers come across a situation where they can’t be sure of the correct camera settings. The light at the scene might be challenging or there could be a very strong contrast between the highlight and shadow areas.

There are two scenarios where you most commonly would use this camera setting.

  1. When you’re not sure absolutely which exposure to use.

  2. When you’re trying to create HDR images.



Unfortunately Carey you’re right. Yours is one of the few cameras where Nikon has left that feature out. I’ve no idea why Nikon would leave off such a simple feature, it’s disappointing and very strange in 2012 esp on a DSLR..entry level or not.

I have both the Nikon D7000 and the D600 and shoot in manual mode most of the time. In your video you state that AEB does not work on Manual mode. I am pretty sure these 2 cameras do shoot in AEB. The camera uses the auto exposure compensation feature to over and under expose by up to 3 stops. Can you please let me know if this is correct, or maybe I am misunderstanding something.

This video, as all of the videos in the Adorama series, is excellent. However, I do want to point out that exposure is somewhat subjective, depending on what is being shot. For instance, I shoot a lot of sporting events, many of them in full sun. When an athlete has her back to the sun, the camera’s light meter will want to underexpose her face. So,to get a proper exposure on her face, I have no choice but to completely blow out the background, which the histogram will show is way too bright. Remember that as photographers, we are first and foremost problem solvers, which means that we must adjust our plan of attack as dictated by the circumstances. Bottom line is AEB is a useful tool in some circumstances (such as the one shown here – landscapes). I think that those who are utilizing AEB (such as the scenario which I just described) can use exposure compensation instead.

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