This Ingenious Tool Will Help You Take Better Photos

This Ingenious Tool Will Help You Take Better Photos

Photography is all about finding and capturing light in the most interesting ways.

If you spend more time trying to find that light than actually taking pictures, it could take you a long time to improve your photography.

Sun Seeker is a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

It gives you all the information you need to find out where the sun is exactly at certain hours of the day. You can also try the live view and see the path of the sun, so you’re able to plan the right place for your next photoshoot. This is such a helpful app for wedding and landscape photographers especially. Sun Seeker has lots of different features and options to choose from. See the video below to learn more about it!



As much as I have to agree with you about the advertisement aspect, it’s still pretty useful for people new to photography. Speaking for myself, I’ve been doing this so long I always seem to know where and when the sun and moon will be at any given point day or night. That is all well and good but I still find myself using sun surveyor which is an android app and sometimes the grandaddy of them all The Photographers Ephemeris. Haven’t looked up the price on this app but if it’s more than $10.00 there are better apps for less money.

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