Harsh Light Is Not Your Enemy – 7 Effective Tips For An Outdoor Photoshoot

Harsh Light Is Not Your Enemy - 7 Tips For An Outdoor Photoshoot

[PHOTOGRAPHERS] How To Turn The Most Challenging Lighting Conditions Into A Great Advantage

At some point of their career every photographer is faced with a photoshoot in bright sunlight. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or a fashion shoot on the beach, you don’t have to go with the “open shade” plan. You have plenty of options to create beautiful images despite the harsh quality of light.

I live in the countryside and I often get requests for portraits in the fields and meadows. This can be challenging – people usually want to have their photos taken when it’s sunny, and a field doesn’t exactly give you a change to get into shade. But it’s still possible to create stunning photos using a couple of clever tricks.



Here’s a good video from photographer Shanine Levrier with some great tips for shooting in harsh light.

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