Funny Crazy And Scary Things Photographers Do To Get The Perfect Shot

Doing something unexpected will often release the tension and give you the smiles you wanted to capture.

In this article from you can read about funny stories from real life situations. Have a laugh and pick up some great tips for your next photoshoot. And don’t forget to tell us about yours!

“When working with couples I like to get them nice and close, facing each other, snuggled up, tell them to look deeply into each other’s eyes, take a deep breath then pretend the other person just farted! Always gets a laugh and a genuine reaction because they are expecting me to have them kiss or cuddle.”
– Kendra Swalls

“As we were leaving Target, it was approximately 9 degrees F before the wind chill and the wind was FIERCE. I see the amazing winter sunset happening and I slow the cart down, aim it at the sun, and take out my camera. My son is FREEZING and he’s like, “WHERE’S OUR CAR?! I can’t feel my hands!!” I’m walking so slowly with no intention of reaching the car before I get my shot. Mom of the year!”
-Kathleen Papageorgiou

“I have fairly significant limitations, so I don’t often shoot for clients. When I do, I like to give it my all. I did a maternity shoot last year, and I wanted some shots of mum from above. I requested a ladder, which was met with gobsmacked faces from my clients. Rightly so, as it turned out, I painfully climbed up, obviously had to use both my hands to shoot and thus promptly wavered, despite trying to use my shins as hands. Poor dad-to-be rushed over and put his hands on my (rather ample) bum in a panic. Awkward all round, but the shots were well worth it!”
-Tiffany Morrant

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– Hey there Andria!My buddy Carl sent me this to see. His co-worker was the guy in this wedding who got mearird I think. Just wanted to say I loved this set, great job! What a gorgeous girl, dress, and good looking couple. =)

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