How To Create This Special Effect Without Buying New Gear

How To Create This Special Effect Without Buying New Gear

**PHOTOGRAPHERS** These Simple Tips Will Help You Create Tilt-Shift Images Without Spending Money On A New Lens

It’s very easy to recognize tilt-shift images even if you’ve never seen them before. They are photos usually taken from a bird’s eye perspective, where everything looks miniature.

Cars, houses and even people look like they’re toys, instead of full-scale, real objects. It’s one of those special effects that you simply know right away how it was made. It’s definitely not suitable for every image, but you can create very interesting photography using the tilt-shift technique.

So, how is this effect created? There are special tilt-shift lenses that were designed particularly for these type of images. Depending on the lens, prices vary from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. You’re probably not willing to spend all that money on a single lens if you’re working on a budget.


It’s also possible to get a tilt-shift adapter for your regular lens, but even these can climb up to 200-300USD. No need to worry – there is one more option that allows you to create tilt-shift images, if you don’t want to invest that much money on gear!

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