This Could Be Your Best Lens – If You Knew How To Use It

This Could Be Your Best Lens - If You Knew How To Use It

3 Tips For Correcting The Mistakes You’ve Been Making From The Very Beginning

It’s a common belief that a wide-angle lens is the best lens for landscape photography. It certainly can be, but not unless you know how to use it correctly.

When I got my first wide-angle lens, it took me by surprise how much I was able to fit into the picture. And, of course I tried to do exactly that, ending up with images that simply weren’t interesting at all.

It took me a while to realize why such beautiful places didn’t turn out as wonderful in the pictures – even when I was trying to capture everything with that wide-angle lens of mine.

Well, that was the issue in the first place. As great as wide-angles can be, they can also produce landscape images that are either a little overwhelming or completely lack the point of interest.


The following article will explain this in detail, and give you great tips on how you can make the wide-angle your favorite and most versatile lens.

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