A Powerful And Devastating Image That Will Live Forever

A Powerful And Devastating Image That Will Live Forever

The Day The World Stopped But This Photojournalist Did What He Had To Do

No-one will ever be able to forget 9/11 and the horrors that day brought to our lives. Whether we lost our loved ones in these horrific events or not, looking back will always bring us sadness and disbelief. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. Even though I was thousands of miles away from the scene, the feeling was overwhelming.

I cannot even imagine what it was like to be there, let alone work there, in the middle of all that chaos and destruction. We’ve heard so many stories of the unbelievable courage of the firefighters, the police and ordinary people doing whatever they can to save lives and take care of each other. Now that all these years have passed by we’ve become more aware of the photojournalists who were silently doing their job in these terrifying conditions, bringing us images we’d rather not see but at the same time, images that are so important to remember.



Richard Drew was one of those photojournalists, and his image, The Falling Man, is one we will never be able to un-see.

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