8 Crystal Clear Signs That Show You’re (Ready To Become) A Pro

8 Crystal Clear Signs That Show You're (Ready To Become) A Pro

How I Realised I Could Make Money In Photography

For every single photographer I know the whole thing has started out as a hobby. Some continue shooting just for fun – others start to wonder if it could be possible to turn it into a living. What’s common for both sides is that they are all unsure of when (or if) they’re ready to get paid for their photographs.

So how do you know if you’re good enough, or simply ready enough to take the leap? Is there a checklist you can go through to make sure you’re not making a huge mistake? We found a great video that can help you answer this question.



The following video will give you an idea of when and how to start thinking of photography as a career. While it’s not exactly a checklist, it will give you great tips on the subject.

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