7 Camera Hacks YOU Should Know


7 Great Camera Tricks You Can Do With Cheap Household Items

I always love these videos. One of these days I’m going to make my own. These are some good tips – perhaps a couple I probably wouldn’t use but some of these I tried right away. The paper cup Smartphone Tripod is probably one I would never have thought of.

The great thing about these kind of camera hacks is that they always boost up your creativity. Even if you’re only going to try them once, they give you all kinds of new ideas for your next photoshoot. At least that’s what happens to me every time!



Do you know a trick or two like these yourself? Our readers would love it if you shared them in the comments below!


I took a small camera bag strap and extended with same strap keeping the two clips. I picked up the strap at a fabric store. It clipped into my camera strap at the camera and made a loop big enough to step on with both feet apart directly under my shoulders. Looks store bought.

to get a vignette breathe on the lens and take the picture while the fog is still on the lens. A stronger vignette, cut the bottom out of a Styrofoam cup and place the cup over the lens.

These are nice tricks for beginners. I mean… those who don’t know what they can do with a camera. This stuff doesn’t get near to what I do for an image. Photogs have fun with cameras and we can’t be funneled to the crazy things one person did. The fun is when we do our own for an image and people ask us, “OMG! HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?” Well… that is our secret 😉

These are NOT ‘hacks’.

A ‘hack’ is a way of getting into either software or firmware to make something do what it was not intended to do.

Now, if youi want to call them something else, that’s certainly fine. Homedone special effects? Cool. Custom effects? Fine.

Taping something to a lens does NOT constitute a ‘hack’.


Informal. a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something: hacks for holiday entertaining;
parenting hacks.

You are obviously correct in that the word existed long before computers. I think it’s a pretty far stretch indeed to apply ‘cope’ to a lightning-shaped hole in a piece of paper, but to each his own.

Get a 1/4×20 eye bolt and nut, tie rope to it and screw into your tripod socket. Tighten nut with fingers to help hold it, now step on string while pulling up on camera for an instant tripod. Works so much better than their crappie way in the video. It’s great for places that don’t allow tripods or where you have to pack light.

The reason it is a hack is that it is using everyday/ simple objects to achieve something that is usually quite difficult or expensive to do. You are coping with or using what you have to achieve a desired outcome. It’s a hack / shortcut to a desired result

Wrapped a little tight sir? “Camera hack, life hack, work hack, game hack.” No big deal just relax. People are being burned alive and beheaded overseas. it will be ok.

used to make red circles.. squares, diamond patterns over lens to enhance the photo.. even take photo thru sunglasses. I have from an old 35 mmm film camera a holder for these tricks for you photography

Love the bokeh! Another way to cut out shapes is using a punch. You can find alot of different shaped punches at any of the craft stores and it would be easier than using a utility knive.

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