4 Tips For Razor Sharp Photos While Hand Holding Your Camera

How To Hand Hold A Camera

Are You Tired Of Getting Blurry Images When Hand Holding Your Camera?

The most obvious way to eliminate camera shake when hand holding your camera would be to increase your shutter speed. However that’s not always an option. For instance you may be in a low light situation where an increase in shutter speed would require you to use a wider aperture or a higher ISO than you would like to for the image you’re taking.

Some photographers will tell you to just get a tripod and never hand hold your camera when you need to get a tack sharp image. However, there are places where tripods are not allowed or you simply can’t fit one in there. That’s why it’s important to learn these simple techniques that can help you avoid camera shake.



This first tip comes from one of our readers: attach a tripod mount to the bottom of your camera and tie 2 long strings to it, then step on each of the strings to create a substitute for a tripod. This eliminates most of the shake!


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