3 Things To Consider Before Buying a New Camera

Things To Consider Before Buying a New Camera

Sometimes it’s not the camera that you should be upgrading.

You need to think about what kind of photography you’re focused on, and whether it would be better to get a new lens instead. This article is giving you a list of things to consider. Maybe upgrading your lens would be a better idea after all.

You’re shooting with a kit lens
Current 18-55mm kit lenses are much better than their predecessors, and there are many reasons why a cheap kit lens is the perfect lens.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that kit lenses leave a hole in your focal length range. If you need something wider or want to shoot from a distance and still get a reasonable image size, then you’re going to find the zoom range of a standard kit lens limiting.

Cheap kit lenses also have relatively slow maximum apertures. So when it comes to low light photography or stopping action, you may need to increase the ISO to compensate.

Upgrading to a faster lens – one with a wider maximum aperture – will allow you to keep the ISO low for maximum quality while still allowing you to tap into faster shutter speeds.

Fast glass also makes it easier to achieve a shallow depth of field, which can help you to isolate the subject of your photo, and also enables the high-precision AF points on compatible camera bodies.

Your pictures aren’t sharp enough
There are plenty of reasons why your photos may be soft. Invariably, it’s down to technique – or rather, the lack of it – but the inherent sharpness of the lens makes a difference too.

Upgrading your lens might bring only a minor upgrade in sharpness, but as the lens is the first link in the sharpness chain it’s also the most important.

A sharp lens will still produce soft pictures if it’s not used properly, and the sharpness of all lenses is limited by diffraction once you hit the smallest apertures available.

A lens upgrade can extend the life of your current camera
While a new lens won’t make your camera live longer – on the contrary, you’re more likely to burn through the shutter actuations when you have some new glass to play with – it can help you get more value from it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the effect. There are plenty of budget lens upgrades whose cheap price belies the creative options they unlock.

A new camera can of course inspire creativity too. But it’s the choice of lens that really makes a difference. From its angle of view to the way it ‘draws’ a picture, a lens helps to define your photographic style.


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