5 Tips That Could Double The Life Of Your Camera AND Keep It Shooting Like Brand New

Shooting Like New

#3 Limit Your Shooting In Continuous Burst Mode

In todays digital age we can take as many pictures as we want an only save the keepers. Back in film days this was unrealistic. Today though this is affordable and considered as acceptable by most modern photographers.

However, one of the first things many people look for when purchasing a used camera is the number of shutter actuations. A camera is only good for so many shutter actuations, just like a car is only good for so many miles. There is actually a Camera Shutter Life Expectancy Database where you can check your camera model to see how many pictures you can expect it to last for.

This is something you might want to think about when shooting in continuous burst. I’m not saying don’t use continuous burst but I am saying don’t overshoot.

Besides if you’re doing professional work you still need to sift through those photos to pick the keepers. Don’t overshoot and as a bonus you’ll not only save those shutter actuations but you’ll save yourself a lot of editing/sorting time.



Actually these tips are very good! I shoot professionally for a living and I do all these steps anyway, but it really does make a difference. You get back what you put in, simple!

I’m with Adrian Mann on this. Once I see that the link is no more than a series of advert pages, I close the tab. It’s all about advertising revenue, not about advice at all.

They say that this will double the life of your camera………not possible! These digital cameras all have a lifespan based on the number of shutter actuations. So I was told by Don’s Photo.

Doesn’t the lens make contact with the camera? So why don’t you clean the contact point on the camera! HMMMM

Keep your camera DRY? Who would of thought? I always keep mine submerged in a bucket of water to keep the dust out.

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