5 Tips That Could Double The Life Of Your Camera AND Keep It Shooting Like Brand New

Shooting Like New

#2 Clean Your Lens Contacts

Dust, debris and oxidation can all interfere with your camera lens being able to communicate with your camera body. I have read many posts by photographers whose lenses just stopped working. After watching this video (which was made by photographer Tom Sapp) they reported that magically their lenses just started working again.

I think a lot of photographers may clean their sensors but skip this cleaning step. I know I did for a long time.



Actually these tips are very good! I shoot professionally for a living and I do all these steps anyway, but it really does make a difference. You get back what you put in, simple!

I’m with Adrian Mann on this. Once I see that the link is no more than a series of advert pages, I close the tab. It’s all about advertising revenue, not about advice at all.

They say that this will double the life of your camera………not possible! These digital cameras all have a lifespan based on the number of shutter actuations. So I was told by Don’s Photo.

Doesn’t the lens make contact with the camera? So why don’t you clean the contact point on the camera! HMMMM

Keep your camera DRY? Who would of thought? I always keep mine submerged in a bucket of water to keep the dust out.

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