5 Extremely Handy And Cheap Photography Tools You Can Get At The Grocery Store

5 Extremely Handy And Cheap Photography Tools You Can Get At The Grocery Store

I found this list over at Digital Photography Store and I’m going to add all of these items on the checklist I’ve made for my travel photography.

And you don’t even have to travel to find use for these – they are really handy no matter what type of photography you’re into. Do you have similar tips of your own? Please share in the comments!

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are usually made out of plastic or waterproofed fabric. They are really cheap and can be used as great accessories for light control.

I use white ones a lot as light diffusers, black ones as flags, and grey ones as backgrounds.

Express Grill Pan

These pans made out aluminum foil are great if you want to make a barbecue in a rush. But they’re also great to use as gobos that you can use in front of your light source to create special light effects.

Shower Caps

This is something you can buy really cheap or even get for free in hotel rooms. I always have some laying around in my camera bag, and I use the white ones as light diffusers for flash or LED lights.

I also use the transparent ones as a rain cover for the camera body. It’s not something for heavy rainfall, but it can save your equipment in an emergency situation.

Glow Stir Sticks

These glow sticks, besides being a must at any cocktail party, are also really fun to use as a light source for light painting. They can be found in different colors and sizes and can glow for a few hours, allowing you to make fun images.

Ball Bungee Ties

It’s amazing what some elastic cord and a plastic ball can do together. This simple, but really effective tool, is used most of the time to tie cables, but there are a lot more uses for it. I use them a lot to hold my flash triggers to the light stand.

Read the full article with even more tips over at Digital Photography School.

Source: Digital Photography School


I use to use a panty hose over lens to defuse and soften portrait.I use the thing you put in car window for shade, I would use it for bounce light, they have a silver side that is great as reflecterror & the gold side is great for warm colors.

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