5 Crucial Camera Cleaning Mistakes

5 Crucial Camera Cleaning Mistakes

*WARNING ย PHOTOGRAPHERS* If This Is How You Clean Your Camera, You Could Damage It For Good

I have a confession to make… I’m guilty of making some of these mistakes in the past. Well, I think the worst camera cleaning mistake I’ve made is that I haven’t actually cleaned my camera as often as I should.

But even if you remember to clean it regularly, you can cause great damage to your camera if you do it wrong. It goes without saying you should have the right tools before even trying to clean a camera yourself, but the equipment won’t help you if you make these mistakes.


The following article will explain what you shouldn’t do, to avoid possible damage to your gear.


The bathroom just after a shower? Seriously? You don’t want moisture inside your camera. Make sure the steam has been thoroughly vented from the bathroom before cleaning.

Bathroom with hot water gets steam. By the time the steam settles the dust particles, new dust particles arrive. Fine to run hot water to trap dust in steam, but run the cold water immediately following to settle the steam! Then clean your sensor. Otherwise, you’ll be replacing dust with water vapor (steam).

For over 35 years at while photographing weddings, I have used my neck tie. When people make a comment, I usually tell them, that it’s my excuse to my wife for buying good quality ties.

I just clean mine when in the toilette. As aunty Caroline would say, “a good dump in the morning, energizes the soul.” So I take two birds with one stone.

We shouldnโ€™t forget some zoom lens are pumping dust in the camera and lenses. On a dry and windy weather I avoid to change lenses as much as possible.

This scared me at first. I thought it was going to say to stop using the Lens Pen. I love those things for cleaning the filters, lenses and even the small one for cleaning the eyepiece. I have decided not to clean my sensor. I am very careful when I change lenses, and so far, knock on wood, I don’t have spots that cause me any heartache. Yet.

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