5 Circumstances Where You Should Turn Off Autofocus And Shoot In Manual

5 Circumstances Where You Should Turn Off Autofocus And Shoot In Manual

[WARNING] In Certain Situations Your Camera Will Be Unable To Autofocus Correctly. Do You Know What Those Situations Are?

You can’t always rely on the auto setting in your camera. This article covers 5 times when you probably shouldn’t rely on autofocus.



I use to shoot conventions & had f11 @9ft & flash sinked & never worried everything was in focus without touching anything. It was great for weddings also.I never had pics out of focus & manual is all I used.

Himadri – OMG!!! MEI you are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL (And that is an unarestdtement)!!! What a dream come true! The pictures are AMAZING!!! It looked like SUCH an INCREDIBLE time!!! I am so happy for you and Stephen! Haha! I love that the flash mob worked out!!! All of the details came together SO WELL!!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!!! It made me feel like I was there!

I used lens reversal years ago .I figured with all the electronics it would not work.I had a reversal ring & would bracket shots., can you do it on the new digital cameras ? I need some how to link please?

This is hilarious. I learned photography with film and manual focus over 40 years ago. Anyone with a camera now thinks they are a photographer. I still shoot manual focus and don’t put my DSLR on auto anything. My pictures turn out just fine. You might learn something by turning off auto. Oh, and I used what was called “a darkroom”. No Photoshop. I learned how to get the shot right in the camera with only 36 chances.

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