3 Types Of Fear Killing Your Photography

3 Types Of Fear Killing Your Photography

[PHOTOGRAPHERS BEWARE] Are You Letting Your Insecurities Affect Your Work?

I don’t know if it’s the same for all photographers but when I first got a proper camera I seemed to have all the confidence in the world. The high quality images my camera was able to produce made me think I was good at it – until I learned more about the art of photography and realized I knew nothing.

And when it hit me I started belittleing myself and my images, which made me not want to show my work to anyone for a long time. If someone accidentally saw some of my photos and said they were great, I immediately replied “no, they’re not” and showed them all the flaws I thought the image had.



This kind of state of mind can be very hurtful for a photographer, or any kind of artist. You are giving yourself limits and that always stops you from becoming better at what you’re doing.

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