3 Beneficial Mobile Apps For Photographers + Extra Tips

3 Beneficial Mobile Apps For Photographers + Extra Tips

Sometimes a situation turns into a perfect “Kodak moment” very suddenly, and you don’t have a chance to get your DSLR.

Or maybe you’ve just decided to challenge your skills and use only your smartphone camera for a week. Whatever the reason, there are great apps that can help you create more professional cameraphone images. Personally, I like the VSCO app so much that sometimes I use it to edit my DSLR photos. So don’t underestimate these until you’ve tried them!


What does it do?: Adobe’s premiere photo editing app is very good on both Android and iOS. This is for the photographer that really like prim and proper editing vs embracing the world of presets that much of the mobile community does.

Pro Tip: I honestly wouldn’t even bother about syncing the collections to your desktop. Just edit the images that live on your phone; but that’s just my opinion.


What does it do?: The absolute best alternative to Instagram’s presets and looks. You generally know a VSCO image when you see it because they’re that distinctive.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to upload an image to your Journal!


What does it do?: This super powerful app lets you shoot with manual controls, edit with presets that mimic the look of VSCOs and share to your favorite platform. The editing is a happy medium between Lightroom and RNI films in many ways.

Pro Tip: Try the curves feature to really fine tune your edits. Additionally, the defocus selection can be highly customized. Be conservative and do only a little bit at a time.


We also found another 5 photography apps that can give you amazing results when you’re shooting with your cameraphone! The images will look so great people won’t even know you weren’t using your DSLR.


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