10 Types Of Photographers – Do You Recognize Yourself?

10 Photographer Archetypes - Which One Are You?

I picked 10 of my favorite types from the list over at Photography Talk.

Now, I’m not saying these areĀ me… But some of my friends might say that! If you can’t find yourself in these you may want to check the full list, which includes a whopping 26 types of photographers.

The Biologist

This photographer loves plants and he is more interested in the scientific purpose of photography than creating art. He documents his favorite plants and uses Photoshop to enhance the colors. You can find him crouched in parks and forests, usually using a macro lens or some extension tubes.

The Hipster

A very common type of photographer these days, the hipster is very easy to recognize. He will most likely have an old film camera, which most of the times he barely knows how to operate. He will be wearing Converse sneakers that are so torn, homeless people would refuse them. Skinny jeans and oversized shirts are a must. The best places to spot a hipster photographer are bohemian cafes.

The Avid Traveler

This photographer can often be found on road sides, hitching rides to places he may or may not be planning to go. He loves to travel and photograph more than anything, and he has no problem eating canned food and sleeping in shady hostels.

The Wildlife Photographer

He is either a hired pro sent to shoot a certain species, or a wealthy hobbyist who spends a lot of money on his passion. Either way, the wildlife photographer can be found…actually you can’t really see him because he is wearing camouflage most of the times. He will travel to the most remote areas on the planet, to capture an endangered bird or some other interesting species.

The Night Lover

This photographer rarely shoots anything in normal lighting conditions. Instead, he only comes out at night. You will spot him in places with a nice view, operating his tripod mounted camera with one hand, and holding a tea up in the other. His main targets are cityscapes and starry skies.

The Gourmet

The gourmet loves food and he loves photographing it. He is often best friends with chefs and food stylists and when you don’t see him eating, you’ll most likely find him with a camera above a nice plate. He knows all the best restaurants in town because half of them use his services. You can easily spot him in restaurants or in public talking about food.

The Architect

The architect loves buildings so much, that he will wait hours in a row, like a landscape photographer, for the light to be perfect. You can find him walking around impressive buildings, looking for the best perspective. He will also be very annoyed with people who happen to cross his frame when he’s at work.

The Back-to-the-Roots Photographer

He is a lot like the purist, except this photographer doesn’t even bother shooting normal film. You will find him in various places shooting incredibly large cameras that use wet plates or other ancient technology from the first days of photography. One of his rooms is converted into a darkroom where he plays with chemicals and develops his photographs that look like they were taken a hundred and fifty years ago.

The Self Portrait Photographer

Not to be confused with the common selfie taker, this photographer stages elaborate self portraits. He puts himself in a role and his work is often conceptual and intriguing .His idols include Cindy Sherman and other artists who have made a name by standing in front of the camera. He is hard to find as he makes an effort to avoid crowded places and being seen at work.

The Storm Chaser

This photographer thoroughly follows weather reports and he is constantly on the lookout for the next big storm. You will find him wherever people are fleeing from an imminent hurricane. While he knows better than to endanger his own life, he will often be caught in potentially life threatening situations.

Read the complete list over at Photography Talk.

Source: Photography Talk


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