How To Get A High Quality Used Lens For 70% Below Market Value


5- Take test shots

This is by far the most important test. I would take at least 100 test shots minimum. You’re going to want to go through all the various focal length of the lens. While you’re going through the various focal lengths make sure that you take focus shots far medium and near.

6- Go Back To Your Computer And Examine The Images

Finally don’t buy the lens on the spot. Make sure you go back to your computer and examine the images thoroughly for any signs that something may be wrong with the lens. You can watch the video below to see Matt Granger go through these steps in detail.


Hello… I was just reading the above article on where to get below market value lens etc… I got a Nikon 18-200mm ED VR digital lens for $20 at a thrift store. I t was in an auction but no one wanted it, there is a minor problem with AF, but very minor… This s a between $600 – $1000 lens and I’ve taken some awesome photos with it so far..

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