This Takes Boudoir Photography To A Completely New Level

This Takes Boudoir Photography To A Completely New Level

Chelsea Northrup’s Bubble Bath Boudoir Images Are Something You’ve Never Seen Before

I’m a big fan of Tony and Chelsea Northrup. Their photography tutorials and camera reviews are among the best I’ve seen, and they always deliver great tips for beginners as well as more experienced photographers.

Boudoir photography is, in my opinion, a form of art on its own. It’s not the easiest to learn and you need to know a few special tricks to make your model comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting this at all! Chelsea’s bubble bath boudoir images certainly are daring, fun and not something you see every day!

And just like she says in the beginning of the video – there’s upper body nudity on this video so you may want to carefully consider where you’re watching it…


There is a short intro from Chelsea in the beginning of the video, before they go on with the bubble bath photoshoot.

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