Simple Secrets For Photographing Newborns, Toddlers, And Big Kids

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In addition to being a family photographer I am also the proud father of a little boy.

He’s 19 months old at the time I am writing¬†this article and my wife has another on the way. The image from this article is actually my son.

This video was created by Tony and Chelsea Northrup. It has over 350,000 views. It’s actually from Chapter 6 of Stunning Digital Photography which is a #1 best selling book on digital photography on Amazon. The advice here is basic and very solid.

Even though I would consider myself a seasoned child photographer this information is a great refresher. When you go back and watch a video like this one it always seems like there’s something you have learned previously but forgotten that you end up putting back into your box of tools.

If you’re new to children’s photography this is a great place to start.


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