Photographers This Is What You Are Doing Wrong

Photographers This Is What You Are Doing Wrong

Snapchick is a website that is run by a photographer whose name is Brittany Leigh.

Brittany Leigh lives in Arizona. She is notorious for her humor which you’ll see for yourself in this video. Her humor drives home a really good point which I won’t spoil for you by giving it away.

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Johnny Yakubik is the Founder- Editor- Publisher- Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Modern Lens Magazine. He's a professional family and portrait photographer living in Southern California. You can see some of his work at


So much ‘yes’ in this video. Totally agree – know what the settings do and then use them to get the results YOU want.

So honest and so beautiful… for a few seconds there I was worried… The only one you really have to make happy is yourself..

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