How To Make The Most Of Horrible Weather And Get Astonishing Landscape Images

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] Don’t Be Afraid Of “A Little” Rain…

Everyone, be honest! How many times have you stayed home instead of going out to capture landscapes, just because it was raining or too windy?

I’ve done that far too many times myself. No-one wants to ruin their gear, I know that, but sometimes photographers just use the weather as an excuse to stay indoors where it’s nice and cozy.

It’s essential to have the proper gear to shoot in bad weather, and I’m not only talking about your camera and lens. You should definitely make sure your clothing is suitable for rain or cold temperatures. And if your camera isn’t waterproof, you should be extra careful when using it.


However, sometimes you just have to go for it, even if it means you’re taking your chances with the gear. Because that’s when you can capture something extraordinary.

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