How To Make Money Photographing The Man’s Best Friend

How To Make Money Photographing The Man's Best Friend

Alejandro Santiago over at 500px put together a list of tips for great pet photography.

We picked 3 of our favorite tips to give you an idea of what kind of pet images sell. Taking photos of animals is not as easy as taking portraits of people, but there are some clever tricks you can do to improve these images.

Show animals expressing human emotions

Animals have feelings too and unlike people, they usually aren’t camera shy. If they do happen to be bashful, use that as an opportunity to snap an adorable photo. Use treats and toys to encourage your pet to engage with the camera and be ready for what may be some amazingly candid moments.

Show pets in everyday life

Bring your camera with you next time you take your dog for a walk. Be alert for activities or locations you pass by that might make a memorable photo like public transportation, a quick trip to the office, a ride in the car, a visit to the vet, or anywhere else that you and your dog, cat, or other pet may travel together.

Capture the bond between a person and their pet

Anytime you add a human element to your photo it becomes more relatable to the viewer. Including a person in your photo makes it instantly unique and licensable since it illustrates the relationship between a pet and their owner. Remember, if the person in the photo is recognizable, be sure to secure a signed model release to ensure that your photo can be licensed commercially.

Read the full article with even more tips over at 500px.

Source: 500px

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