How To Create A Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Of The Starry Night Sky

This Simple Tutorial Will Help You Create A Time Lapse That Will Knock People’s Socks Off

What camera settings do you need to use to create a time lapse video? If you don’t want to try to click the shutter manually then you’re going to need to use an intervalometer.

What Is An Intervalometer? An intervalometer is just a fancy name for a timer. Obviously to create a time lapse you need to take a photograph every few seconds.

You could even extended that time to minutes or hours. Fortunately many cameras already have an intervalometer built into them.

The website Lonely Speck has a list of cameras with built-in intervalometers. You can see that list here. The latest version of the iPhone has time lapse built right in. Check your user guide to see if your camera has a built-in intervalometer.


The following tutorial is great for anyone who’s interested in trying a starry sky time-lapse.

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