What Every Photographer Ought To Know About This Lens

What Every Photographer Ought To Know About This Lens

4 Tips On How To Use This All-Around Lens For Professional Landscape Photography

When you’re getting started in nature and landscape photography, you try to find recommendations and tips on what type of lenses to use.

While there may not be a single lens that will magically take care of all your landscape needs, you often hear people saying you should go for the wide-angle. Most beginners miss the possibilities of using this lens instead.

I do enjoy my Tamron ultra wide-angle lens and I’ve taken some of my best landscape images with it. But after a while (and hundreds of photos) it starts to get a little boring.

I don’t want all of my images to resemble each other too much, so it’s a good idea to find fresh ways to shoot landscapes.


Lately I’ve been experimenting with another type of lens, and I must say it has made me think of landscape photography in a much more creative way.

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