How To Create A Consistent, Unique Photography Style

How To Create A Consistent, Unique Photography Style

[ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS] Create And Layer Your Own Lightroom Presets To Make Your Images Pop

I’ve struggled trying to find a consistent photography style. I do all kinds of photography, from nature shots to wedding portraits, and the images differ from each other a lot.

Besides trying to bring something of my own to an image while I’m taking the picture, I’ve found a great way to give all of my images a look that almost spells my name.

I’m creating my own presets in Lightroom so that I can use them in different kinds of images. Of course I don’t always use the same presets, but having a few of my own really helps me create more consistency.


I used to start with the main presets but I realized pretty quickly that it was taking too much time. Whatever preset I kind of liked, needed a lot of adjusting before I thought it was perfect. So I figured, why not make my own right from the beginning.

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