3 Christmas Photo Ideas PLUS A Short Video Lesson To Help You Shoot Them

Learn To Take Beautiful Bokeh Christmas Photos With This Short Video Lesson

At the end of this article is a short video which will teach you how to use Christmas lights and make beautiful Bokeh shots. Here are seven photo ideas that perfectly complement this tutorial.

#1 Christmas lights in the foreground

The image below was captured by placing Christmas lights in the foreground then focusing through the lights on the small boy this is a perfect use for the techniques taught in the video lesson.

1 Christmas Photo Idea

Shot with an 50 mm lens at f/1.4 and some colored christmas lights hanging in front of the lens.

Image Source: Mikko Reinikainen

#2 All white lights with a white sweater/clothing

I really like this it is a very clean Christmas look.

2 christmas bokeh by the autumnleaves

Christmas bokeh by TheAutumnLeaves on DeviantArt

#3 Opening Christmas with the tree lights as a Bokeh in the background

This is one of my absolute favorites. You could replicate this by simply adding a light in whatever package the child was opening.

3 Package With Lights



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