50 Poses For Your Next Photo Shoot- Cheat Sheet Download


I found this cheat sheet over at Digital Camera World. As photographers we want to bring our own unique style to our photography but, these ideas give you a great jumping off point. No matter what your style is classic, fine art, dramatic, or natural the ideas below will definitely get you inspired.

Just right click the image on your PC and select save as to save it to your computer.

If you’d like some advice on how to guide your client or your model to find the right pose, you should check out the video from the link below the cheat sheet. These tips are coming from an experienced model so she really knows how to pay attention to small details that can make or break a photo.


Source: Digital Camera World



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I wish there was a way to not see these type of advertisements with cookies etc.
plus those poses are really old n nothing new that we haven’t seen before.
They’re all over the Internet nothing new.

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