50 Poses For Your Next Photo Shoot- Cheat Sheet Download


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I have always been a firm believer that posing and lighting are far more important than camera settings. In fact I’ll say something that I’m sure most of you will find to be heresy. If you get the lighting, facial expression and posing right you could use “P” mode and get a great photo.



Thankyou Martin, another fataisntc visit, you really have a flair for capturing a childs personality youve certainly got Evie’s down to a T . Were just sitting trying to proof our photo’s how are we meant to chose between them. Your photo’s will ensure that our memories of our daughters childhoods are captured forever. You even managed to make my old rocker husband look a bit of stuff thanks

This is one pose I won’t be using. She appears to be protecting an injured elbow. One chance to make a first impression. You blew it! Nobody died, but still…..

I wish there was a way to not see these type of advertisements with cookies etc.
plus those poses are really old n nothing new that we haven’t seen before.
They’re all over the Internet nothing new.

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