7 Smartphone Camera Hacks Every Photographer Should Know

Smartphone Camera Tricks Every Photographer Should Know

This video shows some trick photography techniques with a smart phone that you think you would need Photoshop to pull off.

However, it’s all done in camera. Panoramas, macro shots, a do-it-yourself tripod and an underwater housing that’s so simple I can’t believe I never thought of it. I guess I wasted $100 on my life proof camera case.

Image Source: Omar Jordan Fawahl


Keep shooting with your phone bro. Let me know how those lame filters work out for you. Try picking up a real camera and actually using your brain to learn something.

There’s more to iPhotography than filters and Instagram, iphone 6 is maybe 3-5 years behind some DSLRs now. Some of the filters apps are designed by the same guys who design filters for the desk tops. Maybe instead of dissing phones you should actually try it out, never know you may like it.

I’m not saying iPhones are better cameras than all DSLRs, they’re certainly better than most point and shoots though. Remember, all the equipment in the world is useless if you’ve no idea how to use it, or if your a crappy photographer. It’s the person behind the lens

There is some truth in what you said. Don’t get me wrong for being on the go I prefer it over point and shoots. I just look at it as a separate subject altogether. A phone will never teach you what a manual camera can. As technology advances I prefer to keep it cl$#%&!@*ic as possible and not let the camera do the work a photographer should be doing. As ignorant as I may seem, I see the advantages and disadvantages it brings. I prefer to do things the hard way, but to each their own I suppose.

Everyone is different, I love using my iPhone, and use my DSLR occasionally. My iPhone is with me most of the time, I have my favourite camera app and editing apps, plus I can post to IG, EyeEm or Flickr on the go. More traditional photographers won’t like that

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