The Worst, Most Excruciating Mistake You Can Make While Cleaning Your Camera

The Worst, Most Excruciating Mistake You Can Make While Cleaning Your Camera

[PHOTOGRAPHERS] Warning- If You Use The Techniques In This Video To Clean Your Camera Your Images May Become Spotty And Blurry! Also, It May Lower The Life Expectancy Of Your Camera!

Our camera maintenance and cleaning tutorials are usually a big hit with our readers. However, not every tutorial you see is going to teach you the proper way to clean your camera. Beware of videos promoting the following method.


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This has got to be a joke… doesn’t it? I accidentally destroyed a Sigma 400mm APO Macro lens simply by immersing it in water while kayaking! I bet the creator of this video has got to be a salesman for Canon, trying to make a few extra bucks from the ruined equipment people will experience if they try this stupidity!

That’s what I thought too, but then I checked the law and it is perfectly legal.
If you’re going to ruin a camera, think about donating it to a good cause like to a student.

THIS IS A JOKE. Actually, and really it is. The camera must have been ruined to begin with because NOBODY would EVER do this. Ever. Follow it to youtube an you will see the comment by the creator of the video that says I hope you all realize this is a joke.

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