How To Avoid Blurry Images Without Using A Tripod

How To Avoid Blurry Images Without Using A Tripod

These Tips And Tricks Will Help You Get Sharp Images Even In Low Light Conditions

I hate carrying my tripod with me when I travel. Instead, I’ve taught myself all kinds of tricks to keep my DSLR steady when I take photos with slower shutter speeds.

Simply paying more attention to how you’re holding the camera will give you much better results. There are also many alternatives for a tripod.

For example, did you know a long piece of string might be enough to avoid motion blur in your handheld images? And it definitely is a lot easier to carry than a tripod.

Some places won’t allow tripods so even if you’d rather always use one, it’s good to have a backup plan.


Here’s a collection of tips that could make you forget about your tripod completely!

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Anna-Mari Vuorela is a Finnish entrepreneur who first picked up a DSLR in 2009. Since then the world of photography has swept her away - these days her focus is on children's portraiture as well as nature and film photography.

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