Are You This Wedding Photographer?

Are You This Wedding Photographer?

I’ve Tried My Hardest But I Just Can’t Think Of Why Anyone Would Do This…

Let me get one thing straight right from the beginning. I’ve seen pictures of what I look like when taking photos. It’s not pretty, and it’s certainly not something you can look at with a dead serious face.

But still, what this photographer is doing is beyond me… I had a good laugh watching his – how should I put this; acrobatic performance!

I’m actually not sure if he was trying to look funny on purpose just to make the couple laugh and relax. If he was, it definitely worked!


This video will show you a rather unique way of taking wedding photos!

About Anna-Mari Vuorela

Anna-Mari Vuorela is a Finnish entrepreneur who first picked up a DSLR in 2009. Since then the world of photography has swept her away - these days her focus is on children's portraiture as well as nature and film photography.


It doesn’t matter what positions he gets into, or what he looks like when taking the photos. If he makes the couple laugh, then he will probably get some good relaxed photos. Everyone to their own. What really matters is what the photos he takes look like!

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