Another Way Of Using Camera Technology For Safety

Another Way Of Using Camera Technology For Safety

Samsung has created a very clever concept of a transparent truck.

They’ve tested the Safety Truck in Argentina, where an average of one person dies every hour in a traffic accident. This article over at PetaPixel gives you an idea of how this life-saving truck works in action. Basically there’s a camera in the front of the truck and it delivers a live view to the 4 screens in the back of the truck.

Samsung wants to help make roads safer by incorporating some camera technology into semi-trailer trucks. By adding a front camera and a giant rear “live view” display to the trucks, Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ project makes it easier for drivers to see “through” the trucks and know when it’s safe to pass.

According to the statistics, an average of one person in Argentina dies every hour to a traffic accident, and many of those deaths are caused by reckless passing on the country’s two-lane roads.

Read the full article with an example video over at PetaPixel.

Source: PetaPixel


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