5 Things The World’s Greatest Urban Landscape Photographers ALWAYS Do

5 Things The World's Greatest Urban Landscape Photographers ALWAYS Do

Following These Tips Gave Me An Award-Winning Image

When we think of landscape photography usually the first thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous scenery in a national park or somewhere else where there’s a lot of natural beauty. But urban landscapes bring a whole new perspective on this area of photography – and they can be just as mesmerizing as natural landscapes.

It can be a challenge when you first start exploring urban landscape photography. What about composition? Should I include people in the frame? If not, how do I get rid of them in the middle of rush hour? And the most important question of them all; how do I avoid clichés? I’ve had great improvement on my urban images using these tips.



Doing research on urban landscapes and having a look at other photographers’ work can help you get started. The following article will also give you great tips on what you should focus on to make your urban landscapes better.

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