5 Photography Lighting Hacks With Cheap Household Items

5 Photography Lighting Hacks With Common Household Items

How To Improve Your Images With These DIY Lighting Tips You Can Do At Home

These hacks are in no way meant to be used for professional shooting. I don’t think my clients would be too excited if I showed up with one of these solutions. However, these are awesome for the photo enthusiast who would like to try some different kinds of lighting without spending money on gear.

I actually had a situation some time ago where I was visiting a friend and didn’t bring my camera with me. I used my friend’s camera and a “homemade” solution very similar to the ones seen on this video, and the photo turned out surprisingly well! So you can definitely use these in a pinch, even if you’d rather work with professional gear.



Do you have similar hacks of your own, or have you tried some of these? We’d love to get your tips in the comment section below.

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