4 Essential Items To Help You Capture Outstanding Nature And Wildlife Images

4 Essential Items That Will Help You Capture Outstanding Nature And Wildlife Images

This article over at Digital Photographer is bringing up some of the most important tools of nature and wildlife photography.

Of course you only need a camera and a lens to take a picture but this special gear can make your photos that much better. Not to mention it gets a lot easier for you. Do you have your own special piece of camera gear that you would recommend to other photographers?

Waterproof cover

The most dramatic photos can be in the harshest weather. Keeping gear dry allows for shooting in even the heaviest rain.

Telephoto lens

You never know how close you’ll get to your subject, but to help avoid disturbance, a telephoto will let you shoot from much further away.


Quickly and easily allows more reach for those small birds and distant or wary subjects.

Tripod and gimbal head

Not all lenses can be handheld. A tripod and gimbal head ensure you can shoot for as long as you want with minimal effort.

Do you know how to choose the right tripod for your photography? We have a great video for you to help you out.


Get more tips for wildlife photography gear over at Digital Photographer.

Source: Digital Photographer

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