Impress Buyers And Sell More Images By Avoiding These 3 Simple Mistakes

3 Things You Should Avoid Like Crazy If You Want To Impress People With Your Images

[WARNING] Many Photographers Will Never Get Paid For Hours Of Hard Work!

There is no single way to determine what is good photography as art is always subjective. But if we look at the business side of it, it’s easy to tell what kind of images sell better than others; authentic. Whether you’re taking portraits or trying to sell stock photos, this fact applies to both of them. No one wants a photo that screams “fake!” the second you lay your eyes on it.

People may have different opinions on what is authentic and real but the facts speak for themselves. Stock photo sites have a vast experience on what kind of images sell and what don’t.



If you want your images to appeal to paying clients, you should avoid these three things.

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