3 Completely False Beliefs About Photography

3 Completely False Beliefs About Photography

It’s Unbelievable How Even Some Professionals Think These Are FACTS

There are many common beliefs about photography and photographers – what we should do, what kind of gear we should use and how we should act to be taken seriously. Some of these beliefs are quite reasonable while others are simply false, or at least questionable. If you are a beginning photographer you’ll probably run into these 3 things.



I am an old school photographer when you had to learn all manual mode and focusing. As a photojournalism photographer I learned some some trick or two with manual cameras. One example: used your depth of field on your lens scale to stop with a small aperture for a quick focus and shoot your subject as long your shutter speed was in tolerance. Critical focus was attain but you didn’t have background bokeh. 35mm lenses and very good grain black and white were the favorite to used. Black and white film was the RAW format.

I used to take pictures in Manual mode and keep the ISO as much as low I can, but recently I passed an online course which was saying different. In a birthday a few days ago I got many pictures in Auto, A Mode and S mode on my Nikon camera and the result was amazing to depend on the situations. Of course, some post processing improved the photos at the best level.

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