The Ugly Truth About Canon AND Nikon Cameras

Canon Vs Nikon Fro

What Every Photographer Ought To Know About About The Canon AND Nikon Camera Line Ups!

This is a complete review of almost every full frame Nikon and Canon camera. In this video you’ll see comparisons between:

  • Nikon D4s

  • Nikon D810

  • Nikon D750

  • Nikon D610

  • Canon 1D X

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • Canon 6D

  • Canon 7D Mark II


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Johnny Yakubik is the Founder- Editor- Publisher- Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Modern Lens Magazine. He's a professional family and portrait photographer living in Southern California. You can see some of his work at


Nikon uses the Sony Sensor (so does Pentax) in both cases Nikon and Pentax manage to pull more performance out of the same sensor (according to DXO) , I’t moot anyway, at the higher end using the best glass all the big brands will give top results so it’s buy what you feel comfortable with (I now shoot Fuji, but I’ve owned and shot over the years Mamiya, Bronica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax. If you shoot sports regularly you may want to shoot with Canon or Nikon for the long glass combined with the speed of the 1d* or 2* models , If you shoot a lot of street style you may prefer a Fuji or Leica , Shoot a lot for Billboards etc maybe a medium format is more up your alley, prining 6 foot landscapes or architectuaral then maybe a large format film camera is still the best choice. they are all just tools, use the best glass you can with a quality sensor and spend some time learning to post process properly or pay someone to do that (just like you would have either learned serious darkroom technique or jobbed it to a printing master in the past)

Funny my A65 is 4years running and still clicking away and my A77ii is flawless too. Trust me the Conikons have plenty of issues too. I even shoot some harsh environments with them. No issues.

Yeah I like the ‘feel’ of a Nikon better – plus my dad shot on a Nikon for years, my uncle outfitted his whole department at the University of Louisville with Nikon F’s – so Nikon always had a sort of familiar appeal. I do like some of the features on the Canons and I used to shoot with a Canon film SLR so I have lenses – so my aging Canon 20D is perfectly adequate for those times when I need to use one of my old lenses but my Nikon is my main shooter

Sony makes camera of the year because they make the camera so dumb proof so people with no skills in photography can pretend play they have any kind of skill.

Yeah, because that’s the most important thing to look for in any tool isn’t it?
How difficult it is to use.
When you go to B&Q to buy a power tool, do you specifically search for the most awkward and cumbersome drill that will take weeks of getting used to, or do you try them all out and buy the one that’s easiest to use?

When you buy a sofa, do you search the store to find the most uncomfortable piece of furniture?
When you buy a car, do you test drive them all until you find a car that’s an absolute nightmare to drive with badly synched gears, low power, lack of power steering, not enough doors and uncomfortable seats?

No, you don’t.
So why would you apply that same criteria to buying a camera?
If Sony makes a camera that produces the same results, but is easier to use than a Canon or Nikon, then that is a GOOD thing… Only a moron would think otherwise…

No, they make the sensor to the specs nikon gives them. The processors are made by Nikon themselves. Different part of the camera all together. And I did pick up a sony. Felt like a little toy. And the lcd screen in the eye piece is a joke.looks like ass

I shoot Canon because when I switched to digital from film Canon were miles ahead of Nikon, Nikon were still using CCD sensors in many of the cameras whereas Canon had switched to the far superior CMOS sensors, while Nikon has improved out of sight since those days and now there is virtually nothing between the two brands I have stayed with Canon because changing to get a small advantage from one or the other is not going to make me a better photographer. I also still prefer the Canon’s because they have vastly superior ergonomics.

Why can’t people just buy and use what they like without being criticized for it? How does why i choose to use affect any of you? It doesn’t last time I checked. I have a Nikon and I’m happy with it.

the more it’s advertised on TV, the more anyone tells me ” if you’re not shooting XYZ you’re shooting crap” the less likely I’m going to use whatever it is … a great camera only serves to make people without talent look talented … I’d prefer film, all manual, no computers built in to make adjustments for your lack of talent .. cuz that’s all it is … technology is more important than ability

I have owned a canon since the 650 film camera and have a 7D and just bought the G3X. The ergonomics are great and better than most others. The only gripe at the mo’ is the high cost of accessories, ยฃ40 for a lens hood and filter adaptor is ridiculous!!!

yawn…the ugly truth is that really it doesn’t matter one way or the other….these are the means to an end, not the end in itself…..this is the FOURTH canon v nikon related nonsence I’ve had on my feed this week from various so called ”photography’ ‘magazines’….seriously getting boring now…..I’m off to go shoot some photographs in stead of thinking/talking about/comparing the devices used to take photographs….goodbye ๐Ÿ™‚

I agree, this “Modern Lens Magazine” is a joke if it thinks that we’re going to take it seriously or consider it as a resource for photographers if all it does is write a couple of short introductory paragraphs and repost work that someone else did. They added nothing of value to Jared’s work and didn’t even indicate that his video was posted with permission.

“Modern Lens Magazine” is mistaken if it thinks that we’re going to take it seriously or consider it as a resource for photographers if all it does is write a couple of short introductory paragraphs and repost work that someone else did. They added nothing of value to Jared’s work and didn’t even indicate that his video was posted with his permission.

I shoot with the inexpensive D300 Nikon, what a fabulous camera. I also use my old, non auto focus lenses on the body. As a pro it works wonderfully for me.

I dumped all of my Nikon, Canon, and Sony gear 1 year after I started working at Samsung….

Legacy camera manufactuers are just that…

Take a look at current technology..
Sigh a little bit..
Move on to the future..

i use nikon, tell me why canon cameras has no illuminator? why canon cameras after you take a shot, you have to take the image from the screen in order to zoom in? why some canon models, you have to struggle to find a iso button? some little annoying things that makes a big difference. now you will not like a camera when you shooting in low light and it does not focus. you will not like a camera that you cannot zoom the image on the screen after the shot. its the preferred camera among the repair shop

not sure what you mean by you cant zom the image after you shoot.. of course you can.. at least on all the cameras i’ve used.. as for low light of recent the 6D had the best low light focusing capabilities.. not sure if anything else has recently come out that surpasses it but I have no problems at all in low light with my 6D.. as for ISO. you just have to be familiar withthe camera.. Canon as a quick access button where all the major setting are available on one screen.. just toggle through them to adjust the one you want..It’s so simple I assume Nikon must have something similar.

Not sure I agree with him re the 6D.. I went in for a 5dmk3 but after research I bought the 6D and Canon L glass for a lot less money than a 5dmk3.. pic quality is the same as far as the eye is concerned..missing some bells and whistles but no big deal.. the pics are incredible as is the price..

So disappointed with the “head line.” Jared did a great job comparing the camera bodies … no ugly truth to be found here. Why does Modern Lens Magazine have to participate in this kind of pandering? Shame on Modern Lens Magazine.

So disappointed with the “head line.” Jared did a great job comparing the camera bodies … no ugly truth to be found here. Why does Modern Lens Magazine have to participate in this kind of pandering? Shame on Modern Lens Magazine.

“This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun.”
Boohoo, my gun is better (bigger) than yours…

What it boils down to is that professionals use what works for them. I shoot Nikon because I like the images I get from them and I’m familiar with them. I changed from Canon when my F mount lenses wouldn’t work on the EOS system and isn’t felt betrayed by Canon. The whole mine is better than yours makes me think of the whole Mamiya vs Hasselblad days. I shot Mamiya and I still use it from time to time. Get whatever has the features you need and invest in great glass and you’re all set.

I get the bottom line…Buy what is comfortable for the user! But what if you are a serious beginner like me? Nothing here helps me determine which camera should be my first serious buy. I obviously at some will upgrade but at the prices of these cameras I want to be sure I have somethung I will be happy with for a moment. I am really interested in wildlife but I havnt found my poto niche yet. So there is Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and I saw Samsung mentioned. How do I choose my very first expensive camera to purchase?

I have followed Jared Polin for a long time now. He never bags out either camera brand he tells it the way is. I would love a lower end ff but not in my budget at the moment. I am yet to see an Ugly video done by this very professional man makes no difference if its a camera review or a how to shoot Tutorial he is up front and honest and speaks my language Fro rocks IMO

At the end of the day as far as im concerned a camera is a camera no matter if your a pro or an amateur each to their own i had a praktica for many a year but how do u make your mind up which to buy these day is beyond a joke buy what you prefer

I really don’t care about the comparison, but didn’t care for the “almost” bashing of the Nikon Df by commenting it is not liked. You do not need to comment if you are not going to talk about it. I happen to like the Df a lot along with my D800, D750 and D90 IR. So that is my two cents.

Any person with half a brain can see that the future of photography is mirrorless. It’s like DVD from VCR. or the auto from the horse and wagon. Canon and Nikon are not even in the ball game as far as mirrorless. That’s why their stock and their sales are plummeting. Sony could have bought Nikon or Canon back in 2006 but they chose Minolta. Why?Because of Minolta’s great research and development. What has Canon or Nikon come up with in the last 10 years as far as new inventions or products? Nothing. Do you realize how big a corporation Sony is compared to Nikon or Canon?
Sony is the future of photography and Nikon and Canon are becoming obsolete. I shot Minolta for years. Now I shoot Sony. The Canikons are far behind. If I got a commission for each Canikon shooter that switched to Sony after trying my A7RII, I could retire.

I took a look at the A7RII but left it behind because I didn’t like how the view through the viewfinder was digital and not very high quality. When that view is the viewpoint that decides when you click the shutter and how you frame your shot, I want much better. If/when they make the viewfinder of higher quality, I would be willing to think about switching. However, I’ve heard that the body with the lens attached doesn’t really make it noticeably lighter or smaller than an FX DSLR. So before switching to mirrorless, that’s what I would like to see in a camera…a top notch digital viewfinder, and a smaller and lighter camera body that really makes a difference compared to other FX dslrs. My Nikon D810 with a lens attached is HEAVY.

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